Buying Local Saratoga - Episode 1: Introduction & Individual Analytics

1 year ago

In this episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Mike Nelson from Spa City Digital, and Nick Kolor from Individual Analytics! Mike introduces us to the general concept of this new podcast, while Nick fills us in on what his self-help business is all about!


00:07 - Introduction and Podcast Overview

04:13 - Saratoga-Centric News: An Under-Served Market

07:31 - Saratoga: Always Growing, Not Just a Seasonal Town!

09:44 - New Guest: Nick Kolor from Individual Analytics!

10:25 - Nick Kolor: A History

12:01 - What is Environmental Engineering?

14:18 - Individual Analytics: What it Offers

16:51 - The Six-Foci Method… What is it?

18:52 - Depression: The Mental Health Community’s Mishandling of it, and IA’s Methods

24:05 - Addiction: Fighting the Root Cause

28:33 - Dealing with Suicidal Tendencies: See a Professional!

31:48 - Closing Thoughts

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