Sara & Karla Johnson Whistleblow on Government Child Trafficking with Nicholas Veniamin

Published September 7, 2022 5,024 Views

State and federal sanctioned multi-billion dollar criminal organization of child trafficking hiding in plain sight.

Exculpatory evidence of the unlawful kidnapping and forced adoptions of Sara’s four sons by Arizona’s CPS.

Back up file -!At55nZi9mPULgZ9QnE22vu2jYV9IwA?e=wo4Dzo

29 other Arizona families whose children were unlawfully seized and placed into forced adoptions.
Evidence of medical malpractice, organ harvesting, fraud and perjury committed by government
officials/state actors.

Back up file – to be updated later.

Anyone who wishes to help as we have spent thousands of dollars fighting to expose the criminal enterprise
of AZ child welfare system and reunify our family.

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