Reunion With Man's Bestfriend

1 year ago

Occurred on August 5, 2022 / Spring Hill, Tennessee, USA

Info from Licensor: "My name is Andrew Scaccia and my fiancee (Courtney AKA "Cork") and I were planning on moving to Tennessee. Cork ended up getting a job there and she moved with Reilly (Dog) and I had to stay back in Illinois for a month to train for my new job. I eventually loaded up my car and drove down to move myself to TN. Cork gets an hour lunch break for work, so during that hour she came back to take Reilly out to go to the bathroom. While they were doing their business and out of sight, I snuck into the apartment and set up my camera and hid from Reilly. Reilly is a very smart dog so we like to get her brain working by playing Hide 'n Seek. Without even saying anything to the dog to let her know I was home, Reilly's nose went to work outside the door. I walked all around the apartment to get my smell to be everywhere, which is why at the beginning of the video she is off screen sniffing in the other rooms. You can see in the video she smells my scent but you can also see the excitement with her because she knows I am somewhere in the apartment. The end result was her finding me and being so happy that I was home. I, myself, was tearing up with this reunion with the dog that has changed my life."

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