Exit The WHO - Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

1 year ago

Global campaign to #StopTheTreaty and #ExitTheWHO gains momentum

The WHO has called for 90 second video comments regarding its proposed and dystopian pandemic treaty.

Adding her voice, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (South Africa) contributes to the global citizen campaign: https://rumble.com/v1j1k2d-exit-the-who-campaign.html?mref=jpc5h&mc=7esx7

For more information on submitting your video to the WHO (from Friday 9 September to Tuesday 13th September 2022): https://inb.who.int/home/public-hearings/second-round

For more information on the global campaign: https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/stopthewhocom

"Make your voice heard. Defend our health and sovereignty. Get radically healthy. The power of the people is greater than people in power." Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

#StopTheTreaty #ExitTheWHO

Telegram: t.me/SPMmedia

* This informative video is part of a global campaign to defend our inalienable human rights from the WHO and its allies.

* It is an African's response to the WHO's call for comments on its proposed pandemic treaty, that threatens personal autonomy and national sovereignty.

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