Full Vid: 2022-09-02, South Dakota Election CastVoteRecords, Meeting/hearing, State Reps.

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Index of video's Main Points below:
Friday, September 2nd. 2022, South Dakota Cast Vote Records requests
Rep. Tina Mulally, Rep. Jensen, Rep. (Senator-elect) Pischke, Freedom Caucus Director Jordan Mason, County Auditors, Former Sec. of State. Gant, Election Director Kea Warne
SD Canvassing - Rick Weible, Midwest Swamp Watch, D3 Defense
SD Citizens for Liberty, Tonchi Pavich-Weaver
Public Citizens

Gov. Kristi Noem nowhere to be seen
Main Points from Meeting/Hearing
On Cast Vote Records (CVRs)

Stars indicate KEY POINTS

4.30 Attorney R. Shawn Tornow, Attorney, Former SD Rep., Former Minnehaha County Republican Chair, Opens proponent testimony declaring state statute for open records and transparency.
13.30 Tonchi Pavich-Weaver, representing SD CITIZENS FOR LIBERTY, gets loud applause after stating we prefer paper ballots and no machines.
19. Joanna Smith, SD Canvassing, West, Declares that other states are getting records. Why are we being denied them?
19.15 Gary Meyer, SD CANVASSING states that if our state considers cast vote records “proprietary” info, then the machine companies are in total control.


22.30 Julie Bartling, Gregory County Auditor, says CVRs are difficult or impossible to get, and that SD has the finest elections across the nation. *******
26.40 Deb Halverson, Lyman County Auditor, says CVRs don’t exist. *******
38.38 Tornow states, state statute.
40.28 Rick Weible. WE HAVE THE CAST VOTE RECORDS from 2 counties that cooperated. *******
43.20 Gary Meyer, SD Canvassing . “Machine logs” are printed out and should be in auditor’s office. Auditors have provided the “machine log” documents. CVRs exist. Auditors are not trained properly, or do not have proper access. We are being charged a $1/page for paper copies, and $50 to $90/hr at a 4 hrs minimum ($200 to $360) to get documents. If we are the “gold standard” state”, then prove it! *******

47.45 Rep. Kevin Jensen, emailed Sec.of State’s Election Director Kea Warne in August of 2021. He was notified we have 3 types of ES&S machines DS200-small county, DS 450-large county, DS 850- large county. The larger machines do provide CVRs. Do the DS 200s provide voter logs (CVRs)?
48.30 Rick Weible states that the DS 200 has CVRs on thumb-drives, confirmed by 2 counties that cooperated with them. *******
51.40 - Doug DeBoer, County Auditor for Hand County, states he wants to participate in getting CVRs. An Excel spreadsheet is should not be “proprietary”. *******
53.50 Jordan Mason, Director of SD Freedom Caucus, states that the state Board of Elections [mistakenly says “Education”], of SD, ran an election test in 2021, and in 2020, that the ES&S, DS 450, which is used in Halverson’s Lyman County, does produce a CVR.
55.30 Rick Weible states we need to know exactly which machines are in each county [Jensen states all are ES&S in another part].
57.30 Deb Halverson states she is not aware of, or does not have the ability, to get CVRs. She is worried about giving out data, fearing it would be manipulated.
58.30Deb Halverson states she would be happy to give out CVRs if she had access to it. *******
59.35 Halverson, doesn’t want someone to Manipulate data because she doesn’t know how to access it.
1:00 Tornow, State statutes: records (CVRs) are open records regardless of the intelligence of the elected official. *******
1:02.50 Halverson, The Board of Hearing Examiners ruled that the CVRs were “proprietary” and not to be given out
1:03.40 Halverson, The Secretary of State told us CVRs don’t exist*******
1:04.30 SD Secretary of State, Director of Elections, Kea Warne called upon, but needs more time.
1:05.15 Kevin Jensen states that in communication in August, 2021, with Kea Warne, all 66 counties had ES&S machines, purchased in 2017 and 2019. *******
1:06.25 Halverson on when records would be destroyed. Stopped by court order by Judge Pekas.
109.54 Rep. Pischke questions Kea Warne. She speaks about how she doesn’t know what the machines do, or don’t do. Says she will “clarify” with machine vendor. ********
1:12.45 Rep. Pischke and Weible. We need to go to the vendor and decrypt the tabulator info, or get the thumb drives from “central” machines.
1:14.50 Jordan Mason, Exec. Director of SD Freedom Caucus cites the National Institute of Science and Technology article, “…Specification Special Publication 1500-103”, that CVRs are for AUDITING AND AJUDICATING ballots. *******

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