Interview: Dianne C. Braley (The Silence in the Sound)

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1 year ago

Dianne C. Braley is the author of The Silence in the Sound. She will bring you into the not so rich and not so famous side of Martha's Vineyard. She walks her readers through a compelling story of romance, family issues, and more of what life can bring. Dianne uses her book to show the point of view very dear to her. A point of view of a women dealing with life and a past as a child of an addict. Love is powerful, but some fights love can't help win.

In this interview, Dianne C. Braley shares with us the amazing author who help her find her story for The Silence in the Sound. She also gives us a glimpse into her world that helped shape her novel. Dianne gives a great interview and allows us a true insight into the author behind the story. It is all here for you to enjoy and get to know this wonderful contemporary author.

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