Robert Young Pelton – The Mindset Of An Adventurist

1 year ago

Show Notes:

Robert Young Pelton is an explorer, adventurer, author, journalist and documentary filmmaker. An iconoclast known for his entry into most of the world’s conflicts over the last twenty five years, Pelton is known for his ability to enter forbidden, deadly and violent places and emerge with a stunning story. His career began with a multi-week profile by ABC News Online called “Dangerous Places” where Pelton invented the “SoJo” concept of nonstop writing, photos, video and interactive reported from the world’s hotspots. From Amazon:

In his forties, Pelton retired from his marketing career to focus on going inside dirty wars, conflicts and dangerous regions to write the cult classic and New York Time’s best seller, The World’s Most Dangerous Places, now in its fifth edition. Complete Bio:

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