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Deprogramming - Standing in your truth without reservation. EP4

Programming in every form takes power AWAY and gives it to the controlling narrative. The exact program doesn't matter because the end goal is always to transform your inherent power into an idea that does not serve the highest you.

In this episode I invite an experienced empowerment coach to discuss the bipolar concepts of mind control and empowerment. How does one know if they are acting of their own accord or from the influence of another? Practice needs to be a part of taking sovereignty back. We need to unwind damage while learning to take ownership of our own thoughts, decisions and actions. This has the consequence of self responsibility. Are you up to it?

You can contact Caroline in her practice here:

Teri’s website: https://www.livetrucoaching.com

Teri’s memoir “Unapologetically Me - The Bitch In My Pocket” can be found at:

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