Amanda Milius, Producer and Director of The Plot Against the President

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Jerry speaks with Amanda Milius, producer and director of The Plot Against the President.

Jerry Ewalt: Welcome to the First Right podcast, a weekly conservative news show brought to you by Restoration of America. I'm your host, Jerry Ewalt, chief marketing officer of Restoration of America. Today. We are blessed to have Amanda. the superb producer and director of one of the most important documentaries of our time. The Plot Against the President, the movie the liberals love to ignore is even more relevant today because some of the same villains are continuing to plot against Donald Trump. Well, Amanda, welcome to our show.

Amanda Milius: Thanks for having me. It's good to be with you guys.

Jerry Ewalt: Yeah. We're really excited to have you and I, before we get into the documentary and all the great work that you've been doing, I want to know a little bit about who you are and your a little bit of your background.

Amanda Milius: Sure. I, well, I mean, most people who know who I am, I know that my dad was a filmmaker in the seventies and eighties. Mostly he did read Don Apocco. He wrote apocalypse now he directed and wrote Conan the barbarian, red Dawn. When the lion basically, if you're a conservative, in the least, you are a fan of one of my dad's movies. He wrote dirty Harry with the great Michael Tamino. And so I started out being the child of like the only two conservatives in LA, perhaps besides like, I suppose the east woods. But yeah, so my mother also is a champion sporting close shooter, and I learned to shoot at a young age. And so my actual first entry into political issues, I guess, via them would be the second amendment. That was something they were always, you know, both of them are we're at some point on the board of the NRA.
And I think I was signed up as a life member before I got home from the hospital. So we're, we're very pro second amendment and my family and I, yeah, but so I, I ended up, I, you know, worked in and around the film industry for a years and the fashion industry, and then kind of, you know, had what some might say was an identity crisis. And basically, you know, got super obsessed with politics as most people did around 20 more. So because of the Trump element in 2015, these, this was somebody who actually spoke to me as, and, you know, really was more along the lines of where my family stood than any Bush Republican in 2015. And so I had just finished touring my short film, my thesis from USC film school, which had actually done really well. I'd gotten into like 40 different film festivals.
I was kind of on my way to do the normal movie director path. And I just was like, it's so dismayed with Hollywood and so grossed out by it that I ran away and joined the Trump campaign and volunteered. And then, you know, I moved to Nevada, lived in like a little hotel for a while and worked for them. And then we won and this was in 2016 and I was then asked to join the inaugural committee, which I think is where they kind of put people from the campaign that they're not quite sure, like, you're like, you've never worked in politics before. Like here go, go throw these parties. And I knew how to do that. Well, so I then from there, I got hired at the state department where I worked for three years. I worked the white house for six months and then I left to make the movie plot against the president because I had access to people that nobody else had access to. And I saw the whole story from day one unfold in front of me. And I felt very confident in Lee Smith's version of events, which was the book, the, the movies based on.

Jerry Ewalt: Yeah. So a bit of an outlier you will, if you will, in the film industry and your, your, your, your career took a little bit of a different trajectory than most film people do at that point. And we're glad it did. And your documentary, the plot against the president. Absolutely fantastic. And we're going to show a clip of that documentary right now.

Voice Over: The most powerful oririgns of the state are not merely corrupt, but that they've been weaponized to go after perceived domestic enemies. And that's very scary.
Our constitutional democracy in shrines, the peaceful transfer of power.
We are now all rooting for his success. The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy.
We don't live in the United States of America as, as any of us would like to understand it
We have a peaceful transition of power process. That's not what happened.
They interviewed general flynn and they did it. And what was the complete damn
I thought it's early enough. Let's just send a couple of guys over.
And the audience is how funny to set up an innocent man.
This is what third world security states do. They spy on their political opponents like this.
This is part of a concerted, Russian influence operation,
Russian interference. They colluded.
They were in on it.
He would constantly say, I have seen evidence of collusion.
And until this is released, I can't comment. I can't go into the particular sessions. I'm not going to be specifically.
He knew he could just say it on TV and then hide behind. Well, it's all classified. I can't get into it.
It's classified. You can't see it collusion.
You just gotta be willing to see it.
New York's daily news brand. This front page, Trump is Hitler.
How could 62 million Americans vote for Hitler? Our 62 million Americans Nazis.
We really almost thought it was a joke by really, you're not going to accept that you lost the selection.
Then they see the Russia collusion narrative sitting right there in front of them and say, why don't we just say that he cheated
It divided the country in ways that people can't imagine it's inspired massive filings. It's given people who are bad, faith actors, a license to do whatever they want because they literally feel like they're fighting Russian spies and Nazis.
Russia gate has been the most egregious abuse of everything that was supposed to have been good about our government.
The thing that they were investigating the Trump campaign for is what they themselves were doing.

Jerry Ewalt: So Amanda, when you watched that trailer, it is hard not to get drawn in and want to learn more about what's going on. It's so this is the biggest skin, one of the biggest scandals in American history. And yet the establishment will refuse that it even exists. I mean, how do you process something like that?

Amanda Milius: Well, I mean, there we live in two different realities. The question often is do they know that they're lying? Or are they just trying to maintain power? I believe that they do know that they're lying and they are just trying to maintain power and control because of what we've seen since the movie came out, the movie came out in 2020, it was the top documentary on Amazon for a year and a half. But of course the New York times won't touch it. They won't review it. The closest we got to actually mainstream fairly fair coverage was from the Hollywood reporter who put the trailer out. And when they did put that trailer out, their site crashed and that's how many people were interested in it. And this is not like putting it out on any old website. I mean, they play trailers for that is what that website does is they reveal trailers like that.
Like what they're built for. So obviously there's a huge amount of people in the United States that don't are not enthused about Hollywood movies. And, and frankly, there's also the secondary need to tell the truth, which is what I, and my company I'm concerned with. Mostly the, the other issue. And the reason that I think this movie speaks to people is because I do have a classical training in filmmaking. I do have a lifetime of working on films at different levels. And I'm not just somebody who picked up a book or found an issue that they cared about and decided that thus, they were entitled to make a movie about it, which is why so many conservative movies kind of get that feeling like you're watching homework. This movie actually feels like a spy thriller because it's, it should, it's a real life spy thriller. And I think that would lead a lot to its success because it's entertaining from the moment it starts to the moment it ends.
There's not a boring moment in it. So I, yeah, I just, it's, it's funny to see people admitting how things that we unveiled in 2020. I mean, there's still nuggets of information in that movie that haven't been dealt with. A lot of the stuff that we talk about with some sources that were not able to be identified regarding what was going on in Libya, all the thing about this, this situation we find ourselves in, in this country is that everything's linked the, the Russia gate plot is not unrelated to Bengazi and all the other horrific things that we've been lied about. The why to, from, from the powers that be for so long. And it's certainly not unrelated to what happened afterwards in 2020 and what continues to happen every day. So it's it. That's why I tell people, you know. Yeah. Okay. It's about Russia gate. There really it's the blueprint for an operation. And once you see it, you can spot it everywhere.

Jerry Ewalt: Well, I think that's amazing that you said it's, it's you say it's entertaining and you could reclassify it maybe as a horror movie if you want, but it, it wouldn't, it wouldn't be entertaining if it, if it wasn't true though. I mean, this is, this is actually true and it is horrific, right? What you're touching on. And what you're telling me right now is that this isn't going away. This is just the beginning. I mean, what we saw, in fact, I think we refer to this as a, as a primer. This is a primer to Russia gate. If you want to know about Russia gate, you need to watch this documentary. And just, just so we're all clear. It's not going away. I mean, we're going to see this come back into the new cycle. I mean, we're currently seeing it, but it's going to keep coming back more often as we get closer and closer to the elections.

Amanda Milius: Not only that, but it's not an accident that the, you know, the president tweeted when he was still on Twitter, the president tweeted a link to the movie saying it was great for stars, blah, blah, blah. Like a couple of times during 2020, and in 2021 until he was banned. But like last week, right after the raid Mar-a-Lago he retweeted it. It on true social again. And I have to tell you that that's not an accident. There is a reason why it's incredibly important that we'll understand the ins and outs of Russia gate as what is about to unfold in the next weeks and months unfolds. It couldn't be more important to see it. Now you haven't.

Jerry Ewalt: Yeah. I mean, one of the things that you'll see when you watch the documentary is some of the key players in Russia gate in your documentary are the same people popping up right now in Mar-a-Lago the raid

Amanda Milius: That's right. And Kash Patel in particular, just released a statement about how, I mean, you saw the affidavit associated with the warrant for the raid of Mar-a-Lago and the affidavit is like, like 80% redacted, but they leave Kash Patel's name out, which is a danger to his life and his security, his family, et cetera. And that's not an accident either. And you get to know Kash Patel and his story extremely well in plot against the president. I would say, I would say if Devin Nunez is the John Wayne of the movie, Kash Patel is kind of like the, the classic fiery sidekick, you know, who's like willing to crash through the window at the last minute and save the hero and like, you know, he's, he's just absolutely, you know, the, the scene stealer of the movie. So, you know, if you haven't seen it, you have to watch it. If you have seen it, refresh your memory, because all of these names are about to come, come out again.

Jerry Ewalt: Well, I, I just went back and rewatched it. Right. And I realized that so much of what you said was very what I would say prophetic and also a sign of what's going on right now. I have to ask how many people have watched it, right? Cause it's so important that people see what's going on and, and, and become awake to what's happening and see the truth. How many people have watched this documentary? Do you have numbers on that?

Amanda Milius: Well, they grow every day. And the way that we receive numbers are usually about at least three months behind. So this recent upsurge has been massive. So I don't even know what the, what the numbers are yet on the newest sort of re push of the movie, especially with the president, tweeting it out and, and Kash Patel and people like that. And Devin Nunez and everybody putting it out as much as possible. But I mean, it did stay at the top of Amazon for a year and a half with absolutely no traditional advertising and word of mouth and shows like yours and all the other people who have supported it and people watch it multiple times. I mean, that's the other thing is there, it's a very dense movie. It's an exciting, and it's thrilling and it's not like watching homework, but at the same time, there's so much information in it that like a lot of people are watching it again. And they're like, oh, I remember this. Like, okay, now this is making even more sense. Like, and it's, it's meant to be that a Russia gates specialist can say, okay, yes, this is correct. This is the correct timeline, all the correct information, but also somebody who, frankly, mom and dad, America, who don't have time to, you know, figure out Russia gate in their free time when they're working two jobs can wash it with the family in 90 minutes and become an expert. So that's the point?

Jerry Ewalt: Well,, you're right on with that. It takes a while to kind of track all these things down. There's so many players, so many bait and switches, people ruin in different directions. Like you said, it's a spot, it's like a spy movie. And so it's hard to follow that. And what you've done very well is you've put that together in one package, that's, I'll say, easy to digest and you will come away with really understanding what's going on and how this is the biggest scandal, at least in modern America. And what's going on currently, it's not over this. Isn't something that we've uncovered. And we say, Hey, well, let's never do this again. It's, we're still in the middle of this movie, if you will.

Amanda Milius: Yeah. I mean, a lot of people are saying, when are you going to do plot against the president to, when are we going to have see the next part? And I'm saying we're living in it right now. So, I mean, that's a possibility and I do have plans. We Lee Smith and I will be working together again shortly. And there's my, my company is in the middle of putting together an eight doc eight documentary slates. So we're about to be pumping out a lot of material, not everything corrected by me. I'm more of a, I'll probably direct like one or two of them, but I, I really produce more, which is weird. Cause most people, everybody wants to direct. Let's sort of a joke in Hollywood. Like what I really want to do is direct and I, I do enjoy it. I am classically trained for it, but I noticed that it's almost a gift I can give to the movement to properly produce movies. So they, they stopped putting out just random what I would call videos on YouTube that have no classic structure to them and are really hard to watch. So I, I want to, I want to give, give the movement a place where we can make quality of material that's exciting and not a homework assignment.

Jerry Ewalt: So, so the plot against the president that is a classic red pill, right? So I, I have to imagine you've had some really great conversations with, with friends in the film industry. I, that, you know, typically have been a little bit leaning towards the left will say, tell me about how some of those go when they watch your movie. What is the reaction?

Amanda Milius: Well, there's not a ton of people left from my old life in the film industry that still talk to me. I think it was me joining the Trump administration that did that. So I, I don't really care what most of them think. I care what mainstream Hollywood thinks. However, I will say that the movie has red pill. A lot of people, a lot of people write me and say, oh, I just showed this to my wife or my girlfriend or my neighbor or my, whoever that didn't really understand Russia gate. And didn't really believe in it. And or they think that Trump is bad or whatever it is. And really all it takes is watching this movie one time and people's brains get just totally opened up to the reality of things, which is one of the nicer things I've been able to do is, you know, get people to start thinking about what the media is, telling them in a different way and ask questions.
Like, where is this information coming from? Because basically, I mean, we've had a country that's been under the spell of the media for, you know, 40 years. And the media is except for independent media, really just the comms department of the intelligence community. So Americans need to know that as they digest information about what's happening every day. So it's a reason why this movie is really important movies like hoaxed by Mike Cernovich and scooter Downey and John are really important. It's movies, all, you know, there's, I'm not the first person to make either what you could call right-wing or dissident film. You know, Lauren Southern has been doing a lot of this stuff, very bravely from a very young age, for a long time. And a lot of the different directors I've been talking about the thing that's great about this is now we have so many like more of us, right?
Like that's an industry I'm, I'm always supportive of more voices, not less. I think for a long time, conservatives have only had one filmmaker to look to for every four years making a movie that they might agree with, even if it lacks any cinematic taste or style. So now at least we're opening it up to a new generation of filmmakers that will have an industry to compete with. It's not just one company, it needs to be many companies. So I'm looking forward to working with a lot of the up and coming dissident directors and making really free, free from the chains of Hollywood new content.

Jerry Ewalt: Now we're here at restoration America. We're, we're big fans of the documentary, but I, I think what I'm more excited about is that you're doing a lot more. I heard eight more. You're opening up to a lot more people because that's what we need. Right? We need people getting the word out, getting the truth out because you know, this might be oversaid, but I don't actually, I don't think you can overstate it, but we're in a very dangerous time in our country right now. And we need to get that truth out immediately.

Amanda Milius: It couldn't be more dangerous. And one of the things I point to recently is everyone and their mom, which is, which is great. I, this is a good thing because people are getting it now they're to the weaponization of our institutions. The first time I heard that phrase was in this movie by Michael Anton. And he is like the, I mean, he, he almost gets annoyed when you call him a prophet, which is what a lot of us call him because he's been right about so much. But he has that, what he does is he's just paying attention to what's happening around him and, and takes the left at their word and takes the democratic party at their word. And thus is able to predict a lot of things that happened. And I think that that's, that's one of the things in this movie that you really, you will not come away from this movie having a whole bunch of faith in the current state of our institution.
And that is that's the point we we're at an absolute tipping point. Our institutions are completely, especially the security state is completely and totally corrupt and fake and does basically exist to persecute its domestic enemies. And the sooner people realize that and get over this like Hannity line of like, oh, the rank and file at the Intel community or at the FBI or whatever. They're fine. No, they're not there. There's there's state department. Every what I saw while I was in the administration, everything that's displayed in this movie, things are not okay. So it's, it's time to wake up to that fact. And if this movie helps make that happen, that all the better.

Jerry Ewalt: Yeah. I know. I remember when, when COVID had, we'd see the sign, there was a sign outside a, in our neighborhood and it would say, you know, everything's going to be okay. And I remember thinking like, no, it's not going to be okay. We need to wake up and understand what is going on. So Amanda, I am just so grateful again for, for the work that you're doing and how you're helping other people get the truth out and in word. And we're just so grateful to have you on your show and Hey, keep up the great work. Thank you.

Amanda Milius: Thank you for having me and thanks for spreading the word.

Jerry Ewalt: Well, all right. Well, that's our show for today. Thank you so much for tuning in and supporting conservative media. Don't ever forget that by working together and staying diligence, we conservatives can bring our country back to true greatness until next week. Let's all keep praying that God will continue to bless America

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