GOUSA OppScore Video

1 year ago

You Can Help Save the USA! Vote and Vote Smart this Election Using the OppScore®.

Be sure to catch the Opportunity Score political ratings and “Side by Side – You Decide!” Matchups, where we’ll be scoring and comparing hundreds of candidates for key federal and state races across the country at our website at www.GO-USA.us.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if our elected officials actually worked for US and our interests for a change, instead of working AGAINST us and corruptly serving themselves and their lobbyists at our expense? Now, we have the perfect tool to show who is who.

Hi, I’m John Paul Moran from Grand Opportunity USA, or “GOUSA”. The OppScore - short for Opportunity Score - is the first, one and only unbiased political credit rating system that clearly shows which politicians are working FOR the vast majority of the voters on the issues, and who’s working AGAINST THEM, as long as it’s Constitutional. It's that simple.

It’s not about LEFT vs RIGHT or RED vs BLUE, it’s really THEM vs YOU. At GOUSA, we cut through all the BS, partisan ads and media bias, using surveys, facts and data to generate our politician ratings on dozens of the most critical issues facing voters today, to generate our ratings.

Think of it as the “Rotten Tomatoes or Yelp” for Politics, where the higher the candidate score, the better, and the lower scores are tossed from office!

You can make a difference by supporting GOUSA – the “Voice of the Forgotten 80%” - in our effort to save our Democracy, and our Constitutional Republic. Please learn more and consider supporting us by donating at our website at www.GO-USA.us. Thank you.

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