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What V*ccine Dangers did the Bureaucrats Know and Hide from Americans? (How can we make them pay?)

Lisa Kassner - Spokesperson, “We for Humanity” (See Links Below)

The foundation of the narrative about the Covid shots is that they are "safe and effective". Government health agencies have told us so, and our politicians and mainstream media have repeated this. This story has produced a high public acceptance rate and has given politicians the political cover to pursue policies that restrict our rights.

But what did the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) know before the shots were rolled out? What did Pfizer tell the FDA about health impacts in the first 10 weeks of the rollout? What has been exposed by Pfizer’s court-mandated document release and by Pentagon whistleblowers about the shots’ true impact on people's health?

Learn just what they knew, and when they knew it. Lisa will share the documents with you and make them available for your review afterward. And spoiler alert: the documents do NOT match the narrative. If we had known what they knew, many more people would have refused these injections.

Disclosures like this will hopefully inspire people to question the policies currently being pursued by their local and federal government officials, as well as the mainstream narrative. Ultimately, we must think deeply – for ourselves, our children, and future generations – about how we move forward.

Renz-law DMED Data 2022 from Military Whistleblowers

Meeting slides - From FDA, CDC, DOD, CMS - Safety Evidence on COVID shots, April 2022

Zoom Chat Notes (with Links)

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