The Great Health Reset, Reframing the Covid Narrative & A Way Forward for Humanity -Dr. Rob Verkerk

1 year ago

[Iguazu Falls, Brazil] Dr. Rob Verkerk, PhD, says we need to reframe the narrative to help people realize that "if we keep focusing on this one will have a gamut of problems downstream," as now seen with the disastrous results of increased excess deaths being seen around the world.

Join us for this insightful interview with Dr. Verkerk, founder of the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH), as he shares the global efforts now taking place to topple the narrative and bring people into the light of the real data and harms of the current Covid and vaccine response. One of those initiatives includes The Control Group, with 300,000+ participants, that is a collective of unvaccinated people "who have been discriminated against" and "received an identity card that says they're part of a control group. Do not vaccinate."


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