I Was Wrong About Trump - Trump's Virtues - #WWG1WGA

Published August 26, 2022 863 Views

I Was Wrong About Trump - Trump's Virtues - #WWG1WGA

People say don't count on anyone to be your saviour and I agree with that statement. Do I believe Trump is coming to "save" us? No, of course not, do I believe he is teaching us, as in "you need to show the people you can not tell them", yes I do. In fact I believe he would be appalled if he thought patriots thought he was coming to save them, that is not how this works. You have to do the work and learn to save yourself.

This is getting good and it's only the beginning. The tide is turning for President Trump. Russia, Russia, Russia, Mueller x 2, Impeachment x 2, COVID, Mar-A-Lago raid and Trump continues to work for us for free. Trump shares an article by M.B. Mathews who writes, "I was wrong about Trump" in the American Thinker, and he shares Tom Klingenstein video who explains Trump's virtues in an outstanding speech

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