Raven Hill Audio Overnight July 13th and 14th, 2022

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1 year ago

This the remote audio portion of my very active camping trip overnight recently on July 13th and 14th 2022. While I was camping at a distant campground with a parabolic dish, these were the recordings I captured at Raven Hill the same night near my newly deployed thermal trap. 14 hours of audio from approx 3 p.m. on the 13th until approx 6 a.m. the morning of the 14th when I retrieved my thermal trap. That night in camp I captured knocking and tapping and had a can of nuts stolen from my camp table while I slept in the truck seat. The next day I retrieved my thermal trap and then proceeded to a new location where I discovered multiple tracks with incredible step lengths and cast some of the best examples I own today. This has been an active location for me since April of 2018 and remains so today. This recorder has plenty more to share. I have multiple deployment ranged dating back thru last year and I just can't get thru it all yet. In Excel, cells in white haven't even been listened to yet. I have been cherry-picking a few hours each night from approx 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. unless it is so active I expand the range on that night.

Pretty interesting for remote a National Forest location.

Headphones will be a better experience as I am just an amateur at audio/ video editing!

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