What To Look for As It Unravels

1 year ago

When the narrative was being manufactured I noticed right away that there had to be a common denominator because the insanity was happening all over the world. The first level I ran into was a mind virus or what psychologists call "Mass Formation Psychosis. But I knew it had deeper roots than this so I started researching the fall of empires and civilizations and ancient texts like what can be found in Vedic literature, historians at the time and the Bible. Be sure to watch WETIKO, Parts 1-5 for an in depth look at this. Now, as we see the narrative unravel, we are seeing how it's effecting everyone; this is a look at what happens when cognitive dissonance can no longer isolate you from the truth. If you like what I'm doing here, please feel free to make a donation at www.lotusguide.com/donation and email me at rahasya@usa.com Thank you, Rahasya

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