Conspiracy Trivia Round 4 & The Alex Jones Bonus Round.

1 year ago

#ConspiracyTrivia Round 4 & The Alex Jones Bonus Round.

24th August 2022.

The Very First Conspiracy Trivia Night, that we know of....

It was such a good night, Shaz and I are so happy with the way it turned out. We had a couple of minor issues, such as the audio in the music round, and seating at times, but overall the night was a raging success, with over 200 conspiracy theorist whackjobs attending for a night of nut job knowledge. Local supermarkets reported being sold out of aluminium foil.

The Children's Health Defense 🇦🇺 team raised enough money through their raffles on the night for us to start printing the new 'Hands off our KIds - Informed Consent' Flyers so that's awesome. It's only the start and we need to keep it going so if you can spare a piece of coloured paper please do.



Children's Health Defense Australia Chapter.

OBJECTIVE: Inform parents about the dangers of jabbing their kids with the covid poison.

TARGET: Mums and Dads letterboxes all over the Continent.

WEAPONS SYSTEM: 10 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against Covid-19.

WEAPONS DELIVERY MODE: 3,000,000 A5 Front & Back 150gsm Glossy Colour Flyers.

FUNDING: The People.

SUMMARY: The enemy has approved Covid-19 injections for children as young as 6 months. Parents have been under the pump for years in this country to jab their kids with big pharma poisons, that must end. It's ok to not jab your kids with toxins, it's ok to have Final Informed Consent.

or, Children's Health Defense Australia

BSB: 062–643

Account number: 1011 4598

*Please put 'kids flyers' as the reference.

Special thanks must go to The German🇩🇪 Club for providing us the venue for not only this event, but every Sunday as well. I think they're really starting to warm to us, especially caretaker Klaus who was spotted secretly answering the questions last night....😂

Anyhoo, the next Trivia Night will be 1980s theme. That's gonna be a cracker. We'll let everyone know the deets once we start organising it later this year.


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