Are We in the End Times?

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With things going extremely crazy in the world today, many are starting to wonder if we're in the Biblical end times. This has been one of the only silver linings to the insanity of western society in 2022; it seems more people are turning to their Bibles for answers. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I was joined by my lovely and brilliant co-host and wife, Tammy, to discuss the question of whether we're in the end times.

Rather than opening up our Bibles and trying to see what prophecy says, we instead looked at what's happening in the world to see if things are really that crazy or if this is just a standard "odd" point in history. In the future, we will do a show that looks at Scripture but today we turned to the news.

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Here are the stories we covered:

Unusual Diseases Are Killing Animals in Large Numbers All Over America -

Power Grid Collapse Looms: Drought Forcing Drastic Cuts in Hydroelectric Power Generation -

UN Official: Food Shortages Are Going From “Bad to Worse” -

Grain Giants’ ‘Disaster Capitalism’ Profits During Food Crisis Spark Global Outrage -

Executive Order 14067: Will Paper Currency Really End in the U.S. On December 13, 2022, and Be Replaced by Government-Controlled Cryptocurrency? -

What Are the Odds? The U.S., Europe, Africa and China Are All Simultaneously Experiencing Droughts of Epic Proportions -

Americans in Ukraine Must “Leave Immediately” Warns US State Department: Russian Retaliation for Car Bombing Assassination Now Imminent -

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