Nothing to see here - Mark Steyn questions why young healthy people are dying across the UK

Lots and lots and lots of correlation and coincidences happening:

- Mountain biker Rab Wardell (37) dies of cardiac arrest just two days after winning Scottish championship
- Rugbyplayer Ben Benn (30) died suddenly
- Tributes pour in for rising star in women's football, Molly White (20) after sudden death
- Dominic Oscar: West Belfast boxer (19) died suddenly
- Deaths due to 'unknown' causes in Alberta has increased 600% from 2019 to 2021. Death due to 'unknown' cause is now the leading cause of death
- Ontario paramedic (32) dies suddenly while on jet ski. Note: Canadian health care workers are subject to jab mandates.
- Latest statistics from Society Of Actuaries (professionals who calculate insurance risk) Research Institute show enormous excess mortality among working age class in Q3 of 2021 and continuing until latest data of Q1 2022.
- Latest official statistics from Eurostat show strong correlation between 'vaccine' uptake and excess mortality in June of 2022. Bulgaria has the lowest vaxx uptake in Europe (65 doses per 100 people) and now has excess life (excess death is negative 7.9%). The most vaxxed country in Europe, Malta (253 doses per 100 people), is not included in excess mortality stats. The second most vaxxed country in Europe, Portugal (241 doses per 100 people), has the highest excess mortality.

Of course it's not allowed to question the jabs, which is the holy cow of the COVID cult. Doing so is considered blasphemy and will get you viciously attacked and canceled, even by people who are otherwise reasonably intelligent, well-informed, logical, scientific, calm and kind.

Correlation is not causation if the supposed cause is undesirable to the elites and narrative. For example, if excess deaths rise after a mass injection campaign, it's correlation, speculation, anecdotal.

However, correlation IS causation if the supposed cause is desirable. For example, if 'infections' decrease going into summer after starting mask mandates, it proves masks are effective (but says nothing of seasonality or test rates).

If deaths rise (or don't fall) during lockdown, this is supposed to be in spite of, not because of, lockdown. "It would have been worse if there had been no lockdown." The reasoning is used as 'proof' that lockdowns need to be imposed earlier and harder next time. These people conveniently ignore the countries with similar climate/demographics/population density who imposed no measures of mass destruction and did not do worse in terms of excess mortality.

User 'Nemo Says' wrote in the YouTube comments: "Tragic to live in a world where half the people are too scared to speak the truth and the other half are too scared to believe it, it's all very SADS!"


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