Andrea Ebert & Dr. Christina Activating NRF2 - Vaccine Detox Protocol - Covid MRNA

1 year ago

Dr. Christina, a Cellular and Molecular Biologist and one of America's Frontline Doctors joins Andrea Ebert, mother of 7 and passionate biohacker and co-creator at FreeWayTribe, to talk about an incredible system in our body that is designed to prevent damage, evoke health, and detox our body. This system has a master gene in charge of it called NRF2. Dr. Christina, who is passionate about detoxing from vaccines, learned about this NRF2 activator, which is a paradigm shift in health and wellness and natural medical breakthrough and says she has the moral obligation to share it with the world. I could not agree more! I have been sharing this information for the past 4 years and won't stop till it's a household name.

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This stack is for the NRF2 combined with Daily Wellness (Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Fermented Yeast Extract, Zinc and Elderberry)

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