5 Reforms That Would Save the US Empire from Decline

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1 year ago

There are many signs that the US Empire is in terminal decline.

Here is how the USA could rebrand and restructure to reclaim its power and prosperity.

00:00 What made the US an Empire
02:07 Reason 1 for decline: weakening of US dollar reserve status
03:45 Reason 2 for decline: failure of military interventions
04:52 Reason 3 for decline: absurd priorities at home
07:22 Solution 1: Focus ONLY on defense, foreign affairs, interstate relations
09:10 Solution 2: Act as mediator, not dictator, between states
09:58 Solution 3: Allow states to join or leave union freely
10:40 Solution 4: States pay taxes to Federal Government, not individuals
12:48 Solution 5: End Federal Reserve, float currency/ interest rates, print no more dollars
14:30 BUT none of this is going to happen so instead...
16:17 Make sure you don't rely on any "services" that will collapse with Empire
16:37 Make sure you have the strength to survive in the vacuum, or in an era of increased corruption

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