What's holding you back ?

Published August 24, 2022 3 Views

“I do everything right, and I don’t understand why I am struggling so much!”

‘What’s wrong with me?’

Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out why things don’t seem to go your way?
You try so hard, yet you are still stuck.

What holds us back are the limiting beliefs hiding below the surface of our subconscious mind.

Another name for these is ‘counter beliefs’, because they run counter to our desired outcome.

We inherited these from our ancestors, parents, peer groups, and the education system.

A big one is that you need to work harder, fit more into your day, and be more productive if you want to increase your income.

This isn’t always true!

I sometimes tell my clients to STOP.

They will never step into the flow of money if they don’t slow down.

When you slow down, your vibrational energy changes, and you get different results.

It takes courage to pull on the handbrake when you are a doer, an achiever, a busy beaver.

But everything in the universe is created from a point of stillness.


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