LIVE STREAM: Monday August 22nd 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg

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1 year ago

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In Britain, the military called on the military to prepare loved ones for a possible war with Russia:

Soldier Magazine:

PDF Version:

German companies estimated the losses from leaving Russia
German companies write off 10 billion euros in losses due to withdrawal from Russia:

The ruble at the beginning of currency trading on the Moscow Exchange is traded in different directions against the dollar and the euro:

Zelensky outlined Russia's "last line" of the conflict in Ukraine:

Pushilin responded to Zelensky's words about negotiations and a tribunal in Mariupol:

Roger Waters added to Myrotvorets Hitlist:

The price of gas in Europe exceeded $2800:

Activists who bare their breasts in front of Scholz put forward demands:

SP: Sweden and Britain are trying to train recruits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight with the Russian Armed Forces in 3 weeks:

Top Donors of Financial Assistance to Ukraine:

In Estonia, a man was sentenced to prison for trampling the Ukrainian flag:

The man who stepped on the Ukrainian flag was punished by the court:

Video: “Some Choice Words for
Aslin -Rant Warning”:

Aiden’s removed Channel and Video Link:

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