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A4C Another Travel Success Story: JV

Travel Internationally with confidence using Action4Canada's travel guidelines and Notice of Liability. https://action4canada.com/domestic-international-travel-notice-of-liability

Video: International and Domestic Travel, Cross Border, Mobility Rights & Live Q&A

An anonymous Action4Canada member courageously and successfully defended his right to enter Canada “without delay or hindrance” and you can too! Be sure to join Action4Canada to receive more resources and information to effectively defend your guaranteed rights.

The ArriveCan App description in the App Store, clearly states: "Travelers with a right to enter Canada, such as Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents and persons registered under the Indian Act, will not be denied boarding of their flight or entry to Canada if they do not use ArriveCAN, but may be required to test on day 1 and day 8, quarantine for 14 days, and face fines."

JV showed this description at all the ArriveCan Checkpoints set by the Airline before boarding all my flights. In addition, JV told the airline operatives that the denial of him boarding the plane would violate his civil rights and freedoms as a Canadian Citizen and reassured them that he would be dealing with the consequences for not following this illegal "mandate" when he arrived in Canada. Read more about JV's strategy...

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