US Senate Candidate Jo Rea Perkins Oregon

Jo Rea Perkins: US Senate Candidate Oregon

I will do what’s best for ALL Oregonians, not just the residents of our biggest cities, but our loggers, farmers and ranchers, fishermen, small business owners, our old and our young, all class levels, our families, our entrepreneurs, our vets and our law enforcement officers – everyone matters. That’s my vision and that’s my promise!

As your U.S. Senator, I will vote yes on bills that are 100% Constitutional. That is they are clearly within the duties and roles as defined in the U.S. Constitution for the U.S. Senate and the Federal Government. If not, then I am required to vote no. I will always vote against tyranny and will always vote for your Liberty and Freedom. I do not believe in compromise. It is compromising that has put our nation where we are today. I will negotiate and will do so without giving away your rights.

With the heart of a lion and the soul of a servant, Jo Rae Perkins is equipped and determined to unseat liberal Democrat, career politician, Ron Wyden.

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