Tucker Carlson’s Comments on Campaign Messaging

1 year ago

I watched Tucker’s show on 8/19/22, he stated even a bad candidate can win with the right message, as he was commenting on Dr. Oz being behind in his race, and also Sen. McConnell’s statement about they were a long shot to win back the U.S. Senate because they had weak Candidates and they had weak messages according to Tucker and if they’ll only fix the message they’d Win.

I’m certain Tucker has never run for office nor have any of his Staff and more than likely don’t know truly just how the Parties, PACS, Lobbyists and of course let’s not forget the Press actually can prevent a Candidate from winning by simply not covering them, or giving them any Financing and in fact preventing them from getting Financing if said Candidate won’t fall In Line with what they want the Candidate to say or shall we say Cave into to gain that Support.

We just wound up or 8th AZ Primary and have run since 2012 for U.S. Senate, 2014 U.S. House, 2016, U.S. House, 2018 AZ. Senate, 2020 Maricopa County Recorder, and 2022 AZ Senate, and with the exception of 2022 most of the monies spent were those we set aside years before ever running for any office.

Many in AZ don’t know me however I had an AM Political Talk Show from 2008 until 2015 when I retired from AM Radio and started doing Podcasts of Voice & Video, and long before that was active like most others by supporting candidates, and even though asked to run took me decades to decide to do so.

I was never accepted by what I consider the GOP Elites who decide long before a Primary who they want to run and more than likely who’ll win and supply all the support both Connections, $$$$$$ and Party apparatus to push them across the Finish Line.

I’d like to say one more thing on the subject in 2012, I received 10% with $25,000, 2014 30+% with$13,500, 2020 42.25% $380.00, 2022 30% $17,500, however if anyone wants to check out what other got be my guest as those I ran against were Financed no less than 10 times to as much as 400 Times as much and of course this came with an open door to all GOP Events where I was blocked out from many, and believe we got the amount of Votes due to the Message and didn’t get enough due to the Lack of Funds, so Tucker should really either go underground and see how it really works or contact someone who’s tried to Run in what most realize is a Corrupt system, and this model will I believe Continue until Voters really get involved Financially or get prepared for the Government that’s only a Decade away if not sooner.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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