Adult Death Due To Vaccines

1 year ago

mRNA Vaccines (Kill Shots) Produce Persisting Spike Protein, Likely Causing Clots, Heart Inflammations, Cancers: Dr. Ryan Cole, Who’s Going To Jail First?

The Government Exempted Itself and Big Pharma From Litigation, Then Told Everyone They Had to Drink the Juice or Lose Everything
HNewsWire: So, which government official, Biden,Trump or Johnson, will be arrested first? There are plenty to select from, and they are all guilty of genocide. Which doctors are losing their licenses and going to prison as a result of mandatory gene therapies? The whole Nuremberg Code and medical ethics were thrown out. Those who promoted this should be harshly punished.

Political leaders, as well as useless, illiterate attorneys and judges, should be removed and tried for crimes against humanity, if not murder. Period. Forcing therapy on someone in order to rescue another is medically unethical. If someone are forced to take a "vaccine" and die as a consequence of the treatment, this is not informed consent and may be considered assault and even murder. This is true even if the "vaccine" was ineffective.

Forcing a vaccination on anybody when the treatment's efficacy is questionable in order to (maybe) save others is immoral. Many persons involved in this medical fraud should be imprisoned.

For years, people have been speaking out against so-called "kill shots," even before they were accessible, but Google and the mainstream media have successfully suppressed their voices.

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