Spirit Talks Episode 5 - What it means to be human during the great awakening

1 year ago

In this talk we share golden nuggets and our wisdom to help you connect more deeply with your human experience. We share our own experiences and the limiting beliefs that we all know too well, hold us back from fully enjoying our lives. This talk takes us many places, we speak about acceptance, frequency shifts, higher consciousness, bringing people together, to timeline shifts, creating heaven on earth and dancing with life.

Please note there are quite a few F-BOMBS in here! We're keeping it real!

Spirit Talks Speaker Panel:
Natali Brown - www.NataliBrown.com
Mel Garrity - https://www.facebook.com/mel.knight.7737
Odelle Wolfenden - www.odellewolfenden.com
Hari Bans Angell Kaur - https://www.loveseternalembrace.com/

Spirit Talks is growing and we would love to have you as a speaker. If you feel you have an important message or story to share, please get in touch at www.natalibrown.com

With much love,

Natali xx

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