Christian Faith & Practice through Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Bruce S. Bertram of The Word of God Ministries and refreshes the discussion of Yom Kippur and the blessings of its practice for all believers. This is another in a series of videos designed for the rookie who has decided that all of the Father’s Word belongs in every area of his or her life. These are just introductory with some practical starting points and are not meant for a thorough, all-encompassing understanding of every aspect of each subject. But if you are at all like us, the Law at first seems like a mountain just waiting to fall on you if you do something wrong, and Bruce is trying to help you avoid that feeling by lightly introducing you to the enjoyable and easy-to-do living oracles of the Father’s Will.

Most of you know that Yom Kippur means “Day of Atonement,” and it is indeed a day of great solemnity and reverence. This day is the tenth of what our Jewish brothers and sisters often refer to as the “Days of Awe.” It is a “great Sabbath,” meaning that absolutely no type of work whatsoever is supposed to be done, even the normal work connected with making a meal (allowed on the weekly Sabbath). Which is a good thing anyway because we are supposed to “deny ourselves” (humble your souls) and go without food (or pleasure). We afflict ourselves because of the serious nature of atonement which includes repentance and acknowledging the sacrificial blood of Yeshua (Jesus) in atoning for our sin. It is a day of smoke and burning, a reminder of the judgment to come for those who refuse the sacrifice of Jesus.

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