The Flood On A Globe vs The Biblical Earth Model

1 year ago

The Flood On A Globe vs The Biblical Earth Model
"The Next Level: The Truth Cannot Be Stopped" (Hibbeler Productions) 4-22

Must watch!

AETHEREAL: The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Biblical Cosmology Documentary)

Flight Paths On A Flat Earth

The Big Bang Fraud

Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked

The vacuum of Space scientifically cannot and does not exist

Himawari 8 satellite debunked -

The Nautical sextant - Flat Earth

GLOBE EARTH'S 666 "CONNECTION" Satanā€™s lie

The SOLAR SYSTEM is a construct of KABBALAH - It's All A Lie

Must watch! The Art Of Subversion - Let's Pull Back The Curtain!

IMPOSSIBALL - Flat Earth Documentary (2017)

The Global Lie - Flat Earth Documentary (2016) HD

One Shot at Redemption Documentary

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies (2018 Documentary) - Hibbeler Productions

Flatten The Curve Truth Frequencies Films

How do Flights Like Sydney - Santiago Work on Flat Earth

New York To Moscow- Debunked

Southern cross debunked - Flat Earth

Flat Earth - Coriolis Effect

How the Southern Stars Work on Flat Earth

Telescope lenses and not showing you the truth

"But what about the other countries with space agencies?" Caught faking footage again of the 24 hour sun

A tour to the Antarctic Does Not bring you to the Real Arctic Circle

Antarctica Sorry We're Closed Our Hidden Flat Earth

Satellites Smashed - Our Communications Explained - Satellites- Internet - GPS - Phones & Radio

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

Ancient civilizations the world over believed Earth to be the flat, immovable center of the universe, then violently uprooted, spun around, and sent flying through infinite space by a cabal of Sun-worshipping theoretical astronomers. Early Masonic magicians like Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton

What On Earth Happened - Full Documentary



Great Salt Lake Laser Test - 21 Miles and No Curvature

Salton Sea California - 18 Mile Laser Test - Flat Earth

Mississippi River, Great Lakes, and Hudson Bay at 1200 mi in Infrared 1080p - Flat Earth

LibertyResearch caught on video

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