Two Pack Tuesdays - Ep. 24 - 2022 MLB Gypsy Queen - Incredible RARE $$$ Future HOF Autograph Pulled!

Published August 17, 2022 32,971 Views $34.78 earned

Two Pack Tuesdays episode 24 - Welcome Back and thank you for joining us. Today we are going to be adding a box of 2022 Gypsy Queen Baseball to our Two Pack Tuesday breaks. There are 2 of us (well a third joined partway through our break) so we broke 4 packs. All I have to say is...WHAT a way to finish. We pulled a future hall of famer. This card pays for the box and some future breaks if we do decide to sell it (or this could be one of our future milestones giveaways.....) See below for our current giveaway.

I have to say, I've really enjoyed breaking baseball products whenever we get a chance. They are look great. Topps has done a great job with this one. My only beef with Gypsy queen is the lack of inserts or rookies. What are your thoughts?

We are closing in on 220 subs on our Rumble Account. Previously we talked about giving away the Matthew Stafford Genesis when we hit 250 subscribers. That is STILL happening. If you are interested:

Between this video and when we hit 250 subscribers. Whenever we post a new video we will ask our viewers a question.
Simply provide your answer in the comments.

Each comment in each video will count towards the draw. (1 name/comment per video. if there were 10 videos and you comment once, you get 10 entries)

The week end following our 250 subscribers
1) We will take all the names. Enter them all in the randomizer.
2) We will do a live stream on instagram (rumblenbreaks)
3) We ill roll a 6 sided dice to determine how many time we randomize
4) One lucky viewer will receive this card!

We have a few cards others that we are planning on giving away to our viewers. Thank you very much for your support and viewership.

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