A Whole Bible Look at Romans 1 thru 4

1 year ago

The Word of God Ministries and http://www.wholebible.com presents Bruce S. Bertram with a Whole Bible look at the Book of Romans, chapters 1 through 4. Many believers who have discovered that all of the Bible (including the Law) is for all His people are troubled by some of Paul's writings. It appears that Paul wrote some contradictory ideas concerning the Law compared with other parts of Scripture. Many so-called Christians think that Paul converted to Christianity and immediately began changing Words that could not be changed. Partly this is from deliberate misinterpretation and application.

Paul's views and God's views of the Law are identical. So we are putting together some commentary/preaching type videos explaining how Paul is not so different from our Father. His teachings have just been so layered up with all sorts of tradition and errant theology that it makes them hard to see clearly. If we just read Paul's words the way they were supposed to be read (the plain meaning), interpretation problems will clear right up. We hope these videos will help clear things up for you too.

This video covers Romans chapters one through four. Below is a list of time marks (that are hyperlinks) with associated verses in case you want to skip to a certain point. There are three other videos covering the rest of Romans with four chapters in each video. Also we have links to other videos explaining certain concepts further.

The Father bless your study of His plain and easy to understand Words of Life.

Link to our video A Whole Heart: The Gospel http://youtu.be/jpaq_DPW0JM
8:45 chap. 1 verses 18-22
10:59 chap. 1 verses 24-32
14:44 chap. 2 verses 1-11
21:29 chap. 2 verse 12
21:59 chap. 2 verse 13
22:30 chap. 2 verses 14-15
22:59 Jeremiah chapter 31 verses 31-34
25:15 chap. 2 verses 17-24
26:30 chap. 2 verses 25 to end
Link to our video Whole Bible Applications: Circumcision http://youtu.be/hgpeQfzbBs0
28:45 chap. 3 verses 1-8
30:44 chap. 3 verses 9-18
32:15 chap. 3 verses 19-20
Link to our video The Whole Picture: Faith http://youtu.be/qqEc20y_5_Q
37:30 chap. 3 verse 21
38:30 chap. 3 verses 22-26
40:15 chap. 3 verse 27
44:00 chap. 3 verse 28
43:30 chap. 4 verses 1-6
44:45 chap. 4 verses 7-9
45:15 chap. 4 verse 10
45:45 chap. 4 verse 11
46:30 Genesis 26:5
47:15 chap. 4 verses 13-15
50:00 chap. 4 verse 16
Link to our video A Whole Faith: The Promise http://youtu.be/EmXBgQO8yoE
52:00 chap. 4 verses 17-25

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