Dr. Robert Malone with Steve Kirsch ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 8-13-2022

1 year ago

Dr. Robert Malone MD, MS
Internationally recognized scientist and physician; key resistance leader against the US Government Covid Crisis mismanagement

"Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming"

The fight for freedom rages on in the wake of the Administrative State & corporate media “Fear Porn”

Many of us admit it: We’re sick and tired of incessant talk about Covid, Covid, Covid. We want to throw our hands up and scream, “Enough already!” However, the stakes continue to rise, becoming increasingly draconian, less about personal freedom and responsibility and more about coercion under the guise of unsubstantiated “science.” Simply put: This “pandemic” is not going away; and turning our backs on it is not the answer.

There is a vocal, passionate, and growing group of influential people—doctors, scientists, policy makers, even government leaders—who deeply understand that our very national health is at stake. Dr. Robert W. Malone is one of the leaders of this elite group of freedom fighters, who is working literally around the clock and around the globe, to bring the world to its senses and stop the pandemic within the pandemic—Covid mismanagement and endless hysteria.

Dr. Malone has put his personal life on hold to take the spike proteins by the horns and bring calm, rational debate to the world stage. Despite censorship, threats, banishment and every other silencing attempt thrown at him, Dr. Malone continues to hold public speaking engagements, write articles, and appear on TV, videos and podcasts. He has become an icon to those of us who stand with him in our refusal to be swallowed up by the Covid madness.

Hear the latest developments in the resistance against US government Covid mismanagement and learn where other countries in the world stand in their ongoing fights for truth and transparency.

His book, Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming, will be out in September and is now available for preorder.

Also presenting was Steve Kirsch, Founder and Executive Director of the Vaccine Research Safety Foundation (https://www.vacsafety.org), who is working with over 20 scientists, doctors, and statisticians researching the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Jill Malone made a special guest appearance for the Q & A portion of the program.

This event was presented by The Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley (https://liberty-forum.us) in cooperation with Values Advocacy Council (https://vac.org).

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Robert W. Malone MD, MS is an internationally recognized scientist and the original inventor of mRNA- and DNA-vaccination and non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA delivery technologies. He now spends most of his time as a key player in the global movement to bring real science and sane policies to the Covid healthcare crisis. His antidotes include educating the public about alternate Covid therapies, encouraging transparency in every area of the disease and vaccines, and encouraging a humanity-centric approach to managing outbreaks.

Since January 10, 2020 Dr. Malone has been focused on clinical research including the COVID-19 disease mechanism, drug development, non-invasive treatments, and repurposed COVID-19 drug treatments, such as mast cells, celecoxib, dexamethasone, and famotidine.

He is a US-based physician-scientist consultant specializing in developing medical countermeasures (vaccines and drugs) for infectious diseases. He has served as an Assistant and Associate Professor of Pathology and Surgery at UC Davis, University of Maryland, and the Armed Forces University of the Health Sciences. Among Dr. Malone's many core competencies are clinical development and regulatory affairs. He was scientifically trained at the Salk Institute of Molecular Biology and Virology Laboratories, among other prestigious institutions.

Dr. Malone publishes new information several times every week.
See: https://rwmalonemd.substack.com

Steve Kirsch's substack can be found here: https://stevekirsch.substack.com

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