Sucharit Bhakdi and Ronald Weikl, MWGFD e.V. - A Call to Unite and Rescue Journalism!

1 year ago

Link to the transcript and further information:

With this video-call in English, the chairmen of the Society MWGFD e.V. "Medical Professionals and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy ", Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Ronald Weikl, try to find supporters and activists in as many countries as possible who want to work on the internationalization of the "New Media Portal" platform .

In this way, new subpages of this platform are to be created, which bring together the “new media” in their respective language area and present them on the joint website.

These are to be merged under the domain in the future.

Interested persons can send a short application (in English) to with the password: "New-Media-World".


New-Media-Portal, in English
Neue-Medien-Portal, deutsch
MWGFD e.V. :

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