7 months ago

Peg Luksik: Who Controls Our Children? (Education System DELIBERATELY Dumbing Down Kids)

This Video Lecture Documents How Today's Educational System Indoctrinates Them Into The One-World Government System, The New Age Religion And Dumbs Down Kids Deliberately, Making Zombie-Like People Who Don't Ask Any Questions And Just Follow Orders.

Peg Luksik Explains What Is Being Imposed On Our Children Through The Government Public School System And The Plan To Not Only Nationalize Education But Children As Well. She Discusses The Various Programs That Have Been Implemented Which Include Mastery Learning (And Its Failures), Outcome-Based Education (OBE), Criteria Referenced Testing, National Data Banks, And More.

While Parents And Schools Bicker About The Democratic Process Of Running Public Schools, Forces Are Manipulating Education From Behind The Scenes. Major International Players Are Reshaping Public Education To Suit Their Self-Serving Agendas, Without Regard For The Wants Of Parents And The Welfare Of Their Children.

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