Don Doroteo El Lagado Robusto Cigar Review

1 year ago

Don Doroteo El Lagado Robusto Cigar Review - This 5x50 stick features a dark brown firmly packed wrapper with a slight dry tooth, triple cap and rich cedar and coffee aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with full bodied plumes of thick chewy smoke with notes of a deep musty leather and slight cocoa on the long smooth finish. The first third shifts just a bit from a straight leather to an earthy cocoa with a deep finish of the same adding a bit of oily spice on the lips. The 1/2 way point comes at 25 minutes with very short ashes, needing puffs every 15 seconds to stay lit. Flavors are a nutmeg, raisin and musty earth with a cocoa through the finish. Ending at 40 minutes the last third kept the very smooth profile going to a lighter sweet cocoa and earth on the draw with a bit of black coffee through the oily finish.

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