Beto Calls Audience Member ‘Mother F***er’ for Laughing at His AR-15 Confiscation Speech

Published August 13, 2022 10,844 Views

Beto O’Rourke Profanity

So Your boy Robert Francis O'rourke is back at it.

The person laughing was laughing at your goofy & overdramatic depiction of stating the obvious of what an AR15 can do.

It's like me getting up on stage and screaming and yelling about how wet water is.

The AR-15 is a gun.

Guns shoot bullets!

Bullets destroy what they hit; that's what guns are designed to do.

If they didn't do these things, they'd be useless for self-protection.

What I find so ironic is that this is the same man who, in 1998, was speeding down the highway while drunk and crashed into a truck and then allegedly tried to leave the scene.

Yet, I've never heard BETO Talk about banning cars considering the number of people killed by drunk drivers yearly.

BETO is a politician, nothing more, nothing less.

He'll say whatever he needs to say to get what he wants.

The problem is that he believed the person laughing was laughing at the thought of dead children, so he ends up embarrassing himself, at least to the people that can see it.

And YES! AR-15s are protected by the Second Amendment.

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