LIVE: EXCLUSIVE Report: Vaxxed Athletes Confirmed DEAD! Historic Civil Rights Suit Filed for J6'ers

Published August 12, 2022 23,091 Views
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Geoffrey Klerekoper joins to debut his NEW SONG “These Little Ones”, inspired by our documentary!
Geoffrey also emphasizes the importance of using music to promote the Word of God, and the duty of a Christian presence in the music industry!

Dr. Jane joins to discuss the Monkeypox Madness. In 2019, the FDA approved Jynneos as a vaccine for the Monkeypox virus.
Now, thanks to the refusal of homosexuals to stop having revolting group sex parties, Monkeypox is spreading all around the world.

Mental health in America is steadily declining. Matt Gallant joins us today to show us how Magnesium might be the solution to this growing problem.

The Federal government is out of control, and we need America First lawyers and attorneys to put it back in order.
Lawyer Joe McBride joins the show to detail his historic lawsuit, suing for millions against the Federal government.

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