John Shipton on The No Goat Show Live at The Alex

Published August 12, 2022 48 Views
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The No Goat Show is a full on Assault on the fear. And fear is charge. It’s stopped thinking, in fact they are to scared to be caught publicly critically thinking in case they are labeled as a modern day untouchable. An Anti vaxxer.

It’s fear driving the disdain for us who have not obeyed. It’s the engine powering the condescension they use when they attack one of our posts. It’s fear that makes them wear the mask despite being outside on a beautiful day, with the breeze blowing any virus into the ether. And despite knowing it doesn’t work.

Yes, fear, our siren luring our culture onto the rocks, by singing songs of health and safety and convince. By whispering that if we comply we will get to hold onto all the nuts we’ve stored. How else will we survive the winter.

And it’s fear that’s seen us cut the people we love from our their lives, for it told us who to hate an ostracise and we have. We have done everything it asked, even swallowed and regurgitated the lies required to hide the carnage of the injuries.

Fear, ancient and so clear it’s blinding us to the fact that thanks to obeying it we are already on track to losing it all as our souls spin in the insomniac search, the quest to find our route back to God.

But fear does not the way, and even if it did it wouldn’t share it, for only courage paves the path to God.

And you know that.

And who is God.

To me God is the point of all this. The distant fire in the dark you lit for yourself before you went searching, before you we’re led away by the lights of greed.

A fire that for many is currently out. Doused by fear, and in an era where fear’s army, silence, is occupying the land, only courage can rekindle it.

Somewhere, sometime, you will come to a point where you’ll realise that all along they were only after one thing, your invaluable soul.

The ephemeral vault lost somewhere inside of you, that holds your authentic self and your true destiny, should you wish to live it.

Everything else is a lie, an advert, a poster held up to those who think they know you as underneath you go crazy on the loneliness, knowing that if you can’t find the courage to escape that not only will you die in their lies, but your offspring, unless they are strong, will grow taking the emptiness for normal. Lies for truth.

It’s happened before, all through history, now it is here. And only you stand in it’s way.

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