Spirit Talks Episode 4 - Lemuria and Atlantis, Remembering Ancient Ways

Spirit Talks Panel Talk Discussion

This talk takes us back to the ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis. Panel Speakers Myra Medhurst, Tilly Cat and Gerlinde Hayson share their remembrance of these times and how this influenced the work they do today. We touch on the importance of being in the Ocean and the intelligence of water, Lemurian ways, Lemurian crystals, communication with nature and working with dolphins and whales, and share practical tips and tools to help you reconnect back to your innate wisdom and connection to all that is.

Spirit Talks Panel Speakers:

Natali Brown - www.natalibrown.com

Tilly Cat Truths - https://www.facebook.com/cattilly3/

Myra Medhurst - www.templeofthepriestess.com.au

Gerlinde Hayson - https://www.facebook.com/gerlindeomocean

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