NIGHT SHADOWS 08102022 -- Final Curtain, Police State, 4th Beast of Daniel and Article 7 of the UN

Published August 10, 2022 1,519 Views

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before the eyes of the world, but most are blind to it. The Trump raid was a scripted left vs. right play, portrayed as good vs. evil. It is a scam from top to bottom to bring about the usual "divide and conquer" concept, as well to bring about a civil war that  brings about an international threat to "peace and security" so the UN can come into America under Article 7 of the UN Charter. You are watching the final phase of "destabilization" of America to bring her down and place her under total UN control. While all of this is going on a 5th column military operation is under way to fill Babylon with military troops who will then RISE UP within to bring Babylon down. Then we have wicked weather all over the world, from massive floods to mega droughts. Food is under attack by the PTB and you and your family are the target. WAKE UP!

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