Published August 10, 2022 7,984 Views

THE LATEST WHITEHAT MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING UPDATE!!8/10/2022. President of the United States of America raided by the FBI. You are in the near death civilization event. Collapse of the worlds economy, and lockdowns slated to begin in the EU. World Wars coming to the brink in , Taiwan, Russia, China, Nato, UN, India Iran, Turkey, Turkey, Isreal, Africa,etc,etc,etc. Supply chains collapse, gas and oil inflation. It's called game theory- nash- equilibrium. The deepstate has played It's last cards, the whitehat military ALLIANCE is stepping in. Durham Intel, chapel hill Virginia where the bio-weapons were created through FAUCI , CDC,NIH, funding connected to CIA, Obamas,bush's, Gates,etc,etc,etc. The deaths from the bio-weapons vaccines and sickness would be blamed on another plandemic virus " monkeypox". We are Nearing the end of this whitehat military intelligence operation. TRUMP IS INSULATED AND DEEPLY PROTECTED. TRUMP, PUTIN, MODI, XI, AND BIN SALAMAN are all working together. That and alot more on this whitehat military alliance intelligence briefing report.

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