Francis Foster & Konstantin Kisin Believe Authenticity Is The Currency of the Internet

Published August 11, 2022 581 Views
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Original Air Date - 8/11/22
Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin of the Triggernometry Podcast stop in for a wide ranging and hilarious conversation with Bridget about their tour of America. They discuss why the doomsday narrative is very appealing to people, the risk they face as content creators of caving to audience capture, the importance of having integrity and not just doing what is easy, and the vanishing ability to have arguments with other people and still remain friends. They also cover the reality of America's gun culture, the arrogance of thinking you're on the right side of history, how comedy has gotten boring because of the threat of being cancelled - particularly in the UK, the inadvertent racism that comes from trying very hard not to be offensive to anyone, and how the moment you're not brave in this life is the moment you let yourself down.


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