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DEEP STATE PANIC | Lance Wallnau

DEEP STATE PANIC - they raid President Trump's home! Desperate to FIND a crime the Biden–FBI lays siege to Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago house and private office and safe.
How will this sit with the American people? It will provoke a backlash that will sweep the halls of power in November and unleash investigations that will dismantle the agencies and office holders of the Stalinist swamp.
In a few days the warrants will be public and the rationale for bypassing Trump's lawyers in a request for information will be public knowledge. Are they on a scavenger hunt for anything they can use against him to justify Garland charging him with a crime and stopping him from running?
Ben Shapiro says that if there isn’t a smoking gun “there will be hell to pay.”
Nothing they do will work. The verse I got for Donald Trump in 2015 applies to him. I believe that Isaiah 45 is still relevant to the 45th President and he will “undo the belts of his adversaries,” meaning, he will dismantle the weapons they seek to use against him. A re-elected Trump will be ruthless in dealing with the rot destroying the agencies. He will select an Attorney General who shares his zeal to expose the corruption that has sought to destroy him since 2016.
Be encouraged. As Napoleon said, “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

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