Guilty Great Dane Puppy Caught After Stealing Whole Watermelon

Published August 9, 2022 19,342 Views $9.30 earned

Raven is a big dog with a big appetite. And Great Danes have a huge head and huge jaws to help them eat almost anything they want. Raven's appetite has gotten her into trouble ever since she was a puppy. She's eaten pies, roasts, and even a whole pizza when her owners turned their backs briefly. A Great Dane can reach anything on the counter and it's almost impossible to keep an eye on them all of the time.

Kristy and Dave were out on the garden, slaving away in the hot sun. Kristy has a green thumb and she works hard to grow an amazing assortment of vegetables and melons. Raven was also out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine. She had been quiet for too long and Dave went to look for her. He found a chunk of watermelon lying suspiciously on the grass outside Kristy's greenhouse. Raven was standing nearby with a very guilty look as she licked her lips and wagged her tail. Dave called to Kristy that one of her prized watermelons had been devoured, asking her what happened. Kristy came running over and saw the the evidence. But she was concerned that maybe Raven had eaten the other watermelon. Kristy scolded Raven as she hurried towards her greenhouse to look for a survivor.

Kristy came out with her remaining watermelon, knowing that leaving it on the vine would be the end of it now that Raven has figured out how delicious they are.

Few dogs are big enough to pick a watermelon and carry it out to the grass to eat it. Raven is in big trouble but it's impossible to be angry with such a magnificent beast. Great Danes are fiercely loyal and protective dogs that capture the hearts of those who love them. Anyone who has ever owned one has fallen completely in love with the breed. Raven will get lots of watermelons for treats to help her keep cool this summer.

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