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I do not have dumb written across my forehead and I am certainly not stupid. I do not profess to be a data analysis or a climatologist, but you don't have to be either of these to see whats going on in this insane world we live in. Populations globally being duped, purposely lied too.

Governments have become Godless evil traitors to their own people..

Farmers are being thrown under their own tractors. The Government demanding they obey unrelenting regulations that are much too difficult to comply to.

I am trying to understand more about what is happening to these farmers that live in isolated area's. They lead very busy lives and appear to be able to fix most things themselves when kit comes to be machinery etc., The number eight wire attitude has not left our shores. Hard working good Kiwi men and women. Grass roots people.

I am like a sponge trying to soak up information as to what is happening to our farmers and the really difficult issues they are facing.

A little bit of research on Wetlands, a bit more on methane etc., etc.,

Talk about 'Wetlands' there are too many people who are wet behind the ears. No-one seems to be publically questioning the data coming from these academics in universities around the world. Have far too many people become too complacent?

Are you sharing your carbonfoot app thats funded by NZ Councils, are you sharing it with your mates, family, friends. Have you bought into the carbon footprint game?

Of course its all about re-engineering human behaviour, services and consumption.

Do you support New Zealand Farmers? I support them 100% or more.- No Farmers-No Food.'

Just because NZ is not landlocked I believe its important that you do not have this false sense of security, we too are at risk of food shortages.

Whats happening to farmers in Netherlands is happening elsewhere, the continuing of more of the same the UN FAO call this Food Security.

Global Corporate Capture of Land and Water Grabs.. Future Cities..Expansion, increases of third world migrants worldwide. Oh, wait for it 'Climate Refugee's'

The predetermined plan for farmers is make life too difficult for them, migrate domestic rural farming communities into Urban/City UN Human Habit3 Pack and Stack highly condensed populated areas. So they too must rely on the multistakeholder corporations for their food, and lab grown fake meat.

NO FARMERS-NO FOOD. I urge you to 'Support our Farmers'.

This video is produced by Carol Sakey https:wakeupnz.org

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