Introducing the Common Sense Bible Study Community

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I created the Common Sense Bible Study community to help believers in Jesus from all different backgrounds who want to study the Bible and learn to keep God's commandments cut through the fog of sensationalism and
If you're like me, there was a point in time when you looked at what your church was teaching and asked "Where is that in the Bible?" The Bible says to do this, so why don't we do this? The Bible says not to do that, so why do we do that?

There is so much confusion and abuse and bitterness that it becomes hard to focus on what's really important. What did Yeshua of Nazareth do and how can I do the same?

You don't need a PhD in Biblical studies to understand the Bible. You need a humble heart, willing to test every doctrine against Scripture and to admit when you've been wrong. You need to be suspicious of sensationalism. And you need to focus on Yeshua, how did he keep the commandments.

At Common Sense Bible Study I want to help you cut through the theological fog and learn to study the Bible and keep God's commandments for yourself.

Join the Common Sense Bible Study community at and we'll explore the Scriptures together.

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