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John Shipton (Julian Assange’s Father)joins the No Goat Show at The Alex Theatre.
Why take The No Goat Show on the Stage.

The Freedom Fighter Ticket $35
If you are freedom fighter, or have lost your job due to the mandates, then out of respect we are offering you a concession ticket. The only requirement, you announce, respectfully at the door to the ticket collector: “I love Freedom.”

One thing that has been missing in these last two years is rigorous public debate. The No Goat Show (no censorship show) has been achieving that online, using a mix of critical thinking and humour to challenge the main-stream media’s one narrative.
And the show was a hit. To make it more interesting, the show’s hosts were four white mature males, a demographic that was been publicly told “their voices didn’t matter any more.”
The premiere stage show in The Red Rock Theatre was to test if the concept would work on a stage and if there was an appetite for it. Could we sell tickets?
The venue was almost a two hour drive from the city and few had heard of it, and all we were selling was Free Speech. To our delight we sold out almost a week before the opening.
And it worked. Our audiences aren’t spectators, they are, if they wish, vital components of the show, able to ask questions and or offer statements, that either carry the communal conversation along or take it in another direction. We also had disagreements, and proved that we could and yet still get on, like Australians used to do.
Finally, we live streamed the show so an online audience could interact as well.
The No Goat Show goes for at least two hours and our intention is to make it completely interactive. No boring speeches. Not one. Instead, Richard D Wolstencroft, David Thrussell, Dr Paul Oosterhuis and the esteemed John Shipton are there to lead and balance the communal conversations from the stage, where as I will be with you, the audience, allowing anyone who wishes to join in the conversation, the microphone.
And in The No Goat Show, we are all free to discuss anything, from the fate of Julian Assange and why our politicians and people won’t rally behind him in numbers great enough to save him, the turmoil of the last two years, abortion rights, the Ukraine situation, to polyamory, wokeness in our schools, and of course what is coming next and what we can do about it.
And when I say debate, we mean debate.
It’ll be like being in a pub in the old Australia, where we past Aussies could vocally disagree, then have a laugh and still be mates.
Healthy debate, I believe, nurtures a healthy democracy which in-turn helps to defend our precious freedoms.
We will also have the courageous stand-up comedian Ryan Etherington who does a hilarious Dan Andrews impersonation slash stand-up routine.
The main show starts at 7pm, but if you can make it, from 5.30pm we will screen a documentary of some of the interviews we have collected on our tour around Australia.  
So, why not join the great experiment to see if Australians can still have a robust, life affirming, laughter filled conversation, the sort of discussions that could reset our great Australian Spirit and make it Glow.
The Alex Theatre
Level 1, 135 Fitzroy Street
Grand Boulevard

11 August 2020

If you would like to watch a documentary of The Deplorable’s Trip around Australia that starts at 5pm and is optional and free.

7pm the main show starts and goes from around two hours.

The No Goat Show Live at the Alex Theatre
Guest: John Shipton.
Date: 11 August 2020
Time: 7pm
Address: Level 1, 135 Fitzroy Street
Grand Boulevard


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