"I Saw Demons & Met God." - Ayahuasca & Psychedelics with Mike Cernovich

Published August 9, 2022 4,271 Views

It has become super trendy for people to go on ayahuasca retreats where they experience plant based psychedelic trips meant to treat mental blockages, improve mindfulness, boost mood, or alter behavior. People literally travel from all across the world just to participate in an ayahuasca ritual with a certified shaman and drink a hallucinogenic brew that sends a person into an introspective, dream-like journey.

On this philosophical episode of The Spillover, conservative commentator, Mike Cernovich, gets candid about his unique experiences with ayahuasca and how it changed his life for the better. Alex Clark and Mike also discuss hallucinogens in general, the differences between various drugs, spirituality, mental well-being and what it’s like to go “under.” Their conversation is a trip you don’t want to miss!

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