🚨 Aug 3 2022 - Juan O Savin w/ Ethan Lucas > NESARA/GESARA & Crypto Are All [Their] Scams

1 year ago

* The Story Isn't Over Yet * It's ALL Coming To A Head Now *

- Is There Something About To Happen?
- If You're Going To Throw The 'Red Flag', You Must Do It Before The Next Play Begins
- Is It Possible That Circumstances Could Occur To Keep The Midterms Elections From Happening On Time
- We MUST Get Out There And VOTE
- RESET NESARA/GESARA Is [Their] Scam, It's Not Even Economically Correct Logic Or Feasible
- Crypto Is [Their] Scam
- Who Manages Crypto Mining And Crypto Security?
- Elon Musk Is Not Working With Trump
- You're Participating In Multiple Illusions In Plain Sight
- You're Participating In Multiple Classic Ponzi Schemes
- [THEY] Want The RESET, [THEY] Own The RESET > Is Doesn't Favor The White Hats > It Destroys Contract Law > It Destroys The Way America Works
- Trump Is Q+
- SES Is The 'Shadow Government'
- The Q Clearance Military White Hats Inside Cheyenne Mountain Are Leading 'The Plan' > They Are The Ones Who Invited Trump To Run For President
- The Q Military White Hats Have Protection Protocols In Place That Go Back Before WWII
- If We've Been Attacked And Are At War > We're In A Revolutionary War Against Foreign Opponents > The Commander In Chief Has Authority
- Trump Has NOT Passed The Baton


Juan O Savin

Ethan Lucas

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