Prof. Granot of the PECC on Pfizer covid19 vaccine trial in babies and toddlers.

Published August 8, 2022 1,779 Views

The Israel Ministry of Health allows parents to vaccinate babies and young children but hides the results of Pfizer's failed experiment from them. Prof. Zvika Granot presents the data from the vaccine trial so that parents can make an informed decision.
Among other things:

* Most of the "severely" sick young children (according to the trial's definitions) were actually vaccinated.

* The only child in the trial hospitalized due to COVID had been vaccinated.

*The final analysis refers to only 10 cases out of 375 verified cases.

For the vaccine trial document:
For PECC's Hebrew position paper on the subject:

Acknowledgement and thanks to Dr. Clare Craig and the Hart Group who were the first to bring up the many disconcerting aspects of the study.

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